The Importance of Leadership Function in Non-Profit Sports Organizations


  • Deni Borozan Aspira College of Management and Design


management, common good, function of management, non-profit organization, skill, leading


Leading is an integral part and the essence of management, a function that motivates and encourages efforts to achieve the set goals of the organization. The leading function is equally important in non-profits operating in a dynamic global market and fighting for their place under the sun. To be successful and effective, a non- profit organization must coordinate all its available resources, which requires good, quality and specific management. Regardless of the fact that the basic goal of a non- profit organization is a social goal, its activities and business must be guided by application of modern business models by which the non – profit organization will take a competitive position in the non – profit market. The leadership function in non-profits requires skills of focusing on linking social benefits and business practices using successful economic models but neglecting political and individual goals that must not at any time neglect service to society.




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