A New Approach to Grass-Roots Governance: A Case Study of Mass Basketball Games in Tibetan-Communities in Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu Provinces of China


  • Zhou Zidong Shanghai University
  • Zhou Yuhua Xizang Minzu University


business anthropology, Tibetan counties, mass basketball, grass-roots governance


Based on the investigation of the organization, infrastructure and participation of mass basketball games (games played by amateurs) in Tibetan counties in four provinces in Southwest China, this paper summarizes the influence of basketball games in the local society and claims that the development of mass basketball games is conducive to enhancing communication and integration and promoting ethnic unity. It is beneficial for improving social governance and promoting social harmony. It is beneficial to enhancing physical fitness and promoting the well-being of people’s livelihood. Taking the local conditions into account, this paper puts forward some suggestions on how to develop mass basketball: to give full play to the role of government and market, to establish diversified investment mechanisms, to accelerate the full coverage of basketball stadiums and increase the use of facilities, to create an active atmosphere for participation and promote the popularization of basketball among the masses, to strengthen the training of professionals, to make up the shortcomings of mass sports, and to take mass basketball as one of the important ways of local social governance.