Human Capital and the Success of Minority Entrepreneurs


  • Alexander N. Chen University of Central Arkansas
  • Chris Tuggle University of Central Arkansas
  • Michael Rubach University of Central Arkansas
  • Michael Blanchett University of Central Arkansas


business diversity, minority entrepreneurship, human factors, human skills


This research contributes to the literature on how human capital can impact the success of minority entrepreneurs in Arkansas. Human capital includes education, work experience, know-how, and skillsets. In the business environment, an important task of human capital is to deliver productive labor, promote commerce, and produce economic prominence. Human capital is irreplaceable and is unlike any other capital. Entrepreneurs must accomplish objectives and remain innovative. Specific human capital involves unique industry competence, self-employment capability, and leadership experience, which lead to goal achievement. A quantitative analysis of a sample of 287 minority male and female business owners was conducted to measure business revenues, company size, and self-reported performance assessment. After analyzing input from minority entrepreneurs in Arkansas, this article contains findings and conclusions which determine how human capital relates to the success of minority entrepreneurs.