Indices of Conflict Triggers in Femi Ajewole’s Theatrical Performances in Oyo State, Southwest, Nigeria


  • Sola Isola University of Ibadan
  • Fortune Afatakpa Dominion University, Ibadan
  • Adedigba O. Adeyinka University of Ibadan


business diversity, theatrical performances, conflict triggers, peaceful coexistence


Conflicts may be triggered by various factors. When not managed can lead to conflict escalation. This paper interrogates the theatrical performances of Christ Chosen Vessels (CCV), a Christian Drama Ministry. Scholars have established theatrical performances remain a tool for change. However, there is limited literature on the role of theatrical performances in peace and conflict studies. This paper analyses the conflict triggers in the theatrical performances of CCV.

This study is guided by social identity theory by Henri Tajfel. It adopted qualitative research and case study design. Primary sources of data include KII (2); IDI (2); police reports; and video CDs (3) of selected performances of CCV. Secondary sources include books, journals and theses. Descriptive methods were used to analyze data. Findings showed religious codes, language, characterization, and costume served as conflict triggers. It was concluded that theatrical performances can trigger conflicts. This paper recommends theatrical artists must consider the sensitivity of others in the process of creativity in respect of diversity for peaceful coexistence.