Leadership in an Agile Project Management Environment


  • Bruce D. Fischer Elmhurst University
  • Loubna Charef Elmhurst University


leadership, accountability, ethics, agile, project management, agile organizations, change management


This paper considers the leadership approaches used in agile project management teams in particular and agile organizations in general. It considers the importance for managers to choose the right leadership style for each specific contingency. A significant consideration is the amount of change and the expectation of innovation. Managers may improve their leadership ability by learning to adjust their leadership styles. Agile approaches are expanding not only because of their ability to respond to change and innovation, but because of the ability to respond quickly to the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous nature of the business environment that has become the “new normal”. Hybrid project management solutions are emerging and need a contain combination of agile and traditional project leadership approaches.




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