Expanding Corporate Approaches to Employee Wellness


  • Cooper Johnson The University of Tennessee at Martin
  • Jamye Long The University of Tennessee at Martin


management policy, employee wellness program, corporate wellness program, holistic, benefits, employee health, healthy workforce


A growing number of employers are beginning to realize the positive effects a healthy workforce has on businesses’ bottom lines. Additionally, the growing rate of individuals affected by chronic health conditions has had both direct and indirect effects on the organization, such as lost productivity and increased health care costs. As wellness programs become increasingly popular among employers, considerations should be made to offering a holistic approach to their employee wellness programs to shape a well-rounded and productive workforce. Holistic wellness programs allow employers to provide employees with options as it relates to their future well-being and expands the care from physical to mental, social, financial, and community care as well. This choice is generally better received and produces more desirable results for employers as employees view their decisions as their own rather than as directives.




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