The Evolution of Project Management: The Future Is Now?


  • Mary B. Griffin University of Central Arkansas
  • Joseph Y. Thomas University of Central Arkansas
  • Mark E. McMurtrey University of Central Arkansas


management policy, project management, PERT, critical path, agile, work breakdown structure


When people think of project management, they usually think of someone looking at a project plan and then telling other people when their part needs to be finished. But it wasn’t always this way, early project managers didn’t have the technology we do today to complete their projects on time and on budget. This paper looks at the innovations that have been created to help make the modern project manager’s job more manageable, some of the advances in technology, as well as changes in society that will impact how project managers do their jobs in the future. Some of the ideas have been around for more than a century, some are relatively new, and some are just beginning to be relevant but all of them contribute to the success not only of the individual project but the company.




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