Determinants Driving the Student’s Decision Making to Opt Institution for Higher Education in India: An Exploratory Factor Analysis


  • Khusboo Srivastava GLA University
  • Somesh Dhamija GLA University


higher education, decision-making, college choice, factor analysis


This study intends to build up a thorough understanding of the determinants that largely influence student’s decision-making to opt institution for higher education empirically from the Indian perspective. It also attempts to develop the rank of importance of the determinants influencing their institution selection decision. Prior research has various constructs that influence the design of the student’s career path, but this is the first time, “uncertainty” a new construct has been introduced which made this study relevant. The factor analysis was conducted to analyze the data of 558 students of Delhi NCR, India, and identified seven determinants namely Holistic institutional environment, Conformity influence, Human intelligence, Institutional prominence, Geographic characteristics, Student residential life, and Financial viability that impact student’s decision-making to opt institution for higher education. The findings of the study can guide educational institutions by empowering them to set objectives to draw the interest of students to pursue higher studies.