The Impact of Amman Stock Exchange Simulation Room on the Level of the Business College Students at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan (Predictive Approach)


  • Ayman Abdalmajeed Alsmadi Alzaytoonah University of Jordan
  • Ala’a Fouad Al-dweik Alzaytoonah University of Jordan
  • Hamad kasasbeh Alzaytoonah University of Jordan


higher education, stock exchange, simulation room, predictive approach


Since the mid-sixties of the twentieth century, interest in simulation has increased as an appropriate and effective method in the education process, especially after the advent of computers; The simulation process of concepts, activities and experiments is done through the computer, and it has an important and prominent role in the educational process. In the past, the theoretical aspects of education were the core of the education process for students, and this is certainly not enough to raise the level of students. Furthermore, understanding the handling and investing of securities is a challenging subject that requires students to understand and apply financial theories and models. Hence, this study pursued the influence of the Amman Stock Exchange simulation room on the student level of the College of Business at the Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan through the predictive approach. The results show that the simulation education system may encourage students and increase their intellectual abilities, attracts the attention of the students as well as gives a great opportunity for students to acquire the skills of dealing with the financial market in a practical and applied manner by using a real trading system based on high technology performance which performed by Amman Stock Market.