Digital Inclusion Strategies of a Learning Community in Times of Covid-19


  • Giovanna Izquierdo Medina University of Cadiz
  • Eulogio García Vallinas University of Cadiz
  • Iris Páez Cruz University of Cadiz


higher education, educational strategies, learning community, educational inclusion, culture of peace, Covid-19


Schools are formal educational spaces susceptible to promoting both inclusion and socio-educational exclusion strategies. In this contribution, part of a broader project, we intend to recognize and understand the socio-pedagogical strategies consistent with the principles of the culture of peace that are promoted in a school constituted as a Learning Community, in a context of cultural diversity and social vulnerability. For this we follow a qualitative methodology, of a phenomenological-ethnographic nature, with a case study approach. The interest groups of the school community actively participated as informants through interviews, questionnaires and focus groups which, together with participant observation, were the data collection techniques used. The results show an estimable knowledge about inclusive education, equality and culture of peace by students and teachers. It highlights their involvement in promoting cooperative spaces for a dialogue approach to conflicts stands out, as well as its efforts to maintain a high level of participation in activities despite pandemic restrictions, analyzing the impact of the digital divide in classrooms and adopting measures in this regard.