Supply Chain Sustainability: A Must Have for Today’s Competitive Business Environment


  • Joseph Thomas University Central Arkansas
  • Mark E. McMurtrey University Central Arkansas
  • Carl Rebman, Jr. University of San Diego


strategic innovation, sustainability, triple bottom line, COVID-19, global


As the competitive landscape of today’s retail business environment continues to change, and particularly with advancements in technology, both consumers and shareholders have increased access to information on the companies with which they choose to do business. With this additional information, many consumers and shareholders are now placing added importance on “Corporate Sustainability” when making their purchase or investment decisions. Fortunately, many companies have already embraced the concept, or are at least starting the journey of incorporating sustainability practices as a core part of their business operations and/or supply chain strategy. Only time will tell what the future business environment will look like, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that a focus on sustainability will continue to grow and contribute to future business success. This paper discusses the origins of sustainability, the standards, the importance of adopting sustainability practices, and challenges observed from the COVID-19 pandemic.




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