Influential Article Review - On Instagram, Endorsers’ Digital Marketing Campaigns


  • Shiloh Wilkes
  • Carmel Chapman
  • Lyndsey Mccall


marketing development, digital marketing, fashion industry, Instagram, luxury brands, social media marketing


This paper examines digital marketing. We present insights from a highly influential paper. Here are the highlights from this paper: Social media offers marketers a broad set of instruments to connect to targeted customers in a personalized and interactive manner. Different social media platforms enable different innovative strategies for an organization’s social media presence. In this framework, Instagram has become a popular social media platform for luxury fashion brands. This paper explores the area of luxury fashion brands on Instagram by focusing on key practices that should be implemented in a social media marketing strategy. The main objectives of this study are: (1) the present the concept of luxury brands, (2) to examine the social media marketing of luxury brands aimed at driving consumer engagement, (3) to assess the marketing practices of luxury fashion brands on Instagram, especially as they relate to influencers and celebrity endorsements. For our overseas readers, we then present the insights from this paper in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.




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