Capturing Micro-Expressions on Zoom: A Promising Sales Opportunity


  • Oscar McKnight Ashland University
  • Chris Mahar Ashland University
  • Ronald Paugh Ashland University
  • Jonathan Meredith Ashland University
  • Josiah Moore Ashland University


marketing development, sales, virtual calls, micro expressions, sales generation, cold calling, video conferencing, artificial intelligence


The subtleties of salesmanship are changing in this virtual world of online communication. This proof-ofconcept study examines the feasibility of capturing customer images at the two, ten, and thirty-second intervals following a Zoom platform's sales query. A captured image underwent a micro-expression analysis employing a computer-driven program that generates an emotional-algorithm analyzing the emotions of happy, neutral, sad, disgust, fear, surprise, and anger. This algorithm enabled researchers to predict a purchase-decision using proprietary artificial intelligence software. Findings suggest that microexpressions captured at the two-second interval exhibited a significant relationship with a customer's purchase decision. A summary table provides a detailed overview of all results using the acronym [MICRO].




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McKnight, O., Mahar , C., Paugh, R., Meredith, J., & Moore, J. (2023). Capturing Micro-Expressions on Zoom: A Promising Sales Opportunity. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 15(4). Retrieved from